*Things I’ve Designed: Websites. Logos. Brochures. Emails Postcards. E-books. E-courses. Annual Reports. Employee Handbooks. Company Manuals. Social Media Posts. Presentations. T-shirts. Car Decals. Signs. Stickers. Product Labels. Invitations. And More!

Design done for you.

Hi! I’m Linda. I design websites, logos, and anything else on your list. I’m your in-house designer – but from my office, not yours.*

*Chances are you don’t actually need a full-time in-house designer. That’s where I come in! Hire me as a part of your team, on an as-needed basis. I’m here when you need me, and you don’t need to pay me for all those hours that you don’t! Win-win.

Custom design that works for YOUR people

Step-by-step direction that
takes you from domain to done

Deliverables that arrive
on time and on budget

Working with a designer can bring on headaches

When you work with Linda,
you can look forward to:

The Deliverables

What you asked for and then some - on time, on budget, and on brand

Clear Communication

Clear, kind emails crafted with care - and schedule chats upon request

Easy Editing

Click right on your project and add comments, easily

A Personal Portal

Easy access to all files (password protected!) while we're working together

Simple Invoices

Monthly invoices through Freshbooks - pay digitally or by mail

Tech Answers

Answers to any tech questions you might have - there are no silly questions!

A Friendly Working Relationship

You're my co-worker! I'm going to ask about your day and actually care about what you have to say. So... what's for lunch?


Experience you can count on.

In 15+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people across many industries. I’ve designed for:

Real Estate / Bakeries / Executive Coaches / Personal Development  / Authors / Therapists / Restaurants / Online Educators / Hospice / Lawyers / Non-profits / Dressmakers / Retreats/ Farms / Emerging Tech / Scientists / Artists / and more…

See yourself there? In a new industry? No matter! When you hire someone who works across industries like I do, you get the added benefit of outsider perspective. 

So, How Can I Help You?

Marketing Materials

Websites, postcards, PDFs & more!

Design Done NOW

Get ready for Good & Fast.

How to Get Design Done (with me!)


a FREE Consult

We’ll find a time to connect and see if we’re a good fit. 

Though Zoom fatigue is real, faces can be helpful for figuring out if we’re going to work well as a team.


Fill out
a work order

Once we decide to work together,  simply fill out a work order when you need me.

Work orders are a short and direct way to get on my project list.


Linda Does Design for you!

Then, I design things for you.

And, if all goes well, we get to work together, happily ever after.

Hire LINDA DOES DESIGN for websites, wordpress, branding, and anything else on your list. From her office in Kansas City, Linda is your in-house designer stateside and beyond. (Isn’t the internet wonderful like that?!)

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