for Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell, MS/LPC has a website that is missing some images and formatting and is in need of a content update. 

Options to bring the site up-to-date range from a quick clean-up to make the site presentable to a full redesign. Details below!


Website Cleanup


Let’s start here! With the cleanup, I’ll assess the current site fully. Since no one has looked at it in a while, it probably needs some updates. Those updates will re-secure your site. Then, we’ll get those images back so we can see what we’re working with. This will get your website back into working order for the short term. 


  • Full Backup
  • WordPress Update
  • Plugin Updates
  • Database Cleanup
  • Malware Scan
  • Spam Removal
  • Images Re-placed
  • Answers to your questions!

Website Update


Then you’ll need to decide on either an update or a redesign. For the update, we would keep your current theme and work within its limitations. Some pages would need to be rebuilt for ease of editing. I would like to add some more color and style to your text, especially the headers, so that they work better with your logo. We’d make small design changes, but for the most part, would just be freshening up what is already in existence. Some changes may or may not be possible, based on the current state of the site/theme. I won’t know until I get in there!


  •  Update all text
  • Update all images
  • Small stylistic changes
  • Answers to your questions!
  • Fast and easy communication

Redesigned Website


Start from the ground up: With this option, I’ll rebuild the entire site on Elementor with your current needs in mind and with room for future expansion – such as new employees. Using your current logo as the inspiration, I’ll redesign the site so that it represents you and the work you do, adding color and style that will help you stand out in your field. 


  • 2 Concepts
  • 3 Rounds of Edits
  • Custom Designed Website with 9-10 Pages and Blog Page
  • Mobile-Optimized Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Built on WordPress with Elementor
  • How-to Videos for Editing
  • 1 year Housekeeping
    (normally $29/mo)
  • Answers to your questions!
  • Fast and easy communication
 * If you choose the full redesign, I’ll subtract the cost of the website cleanup from your total.

I currently update and manage 40+ websites monthly. Here are few that I’ve designed and keep up to date:

Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.


Website Cleanup: Next Week!

Website Update: Early August

Website Redesign: Early September

The faster you get back to me, the faster I can turn things around for you. But! I also know you’re busy – and things take time. Don’t rush just to be done!


The above pricing is effective through a start date of December 2022.
If a contract is not signed by that time, and you would still like to work with me, another proposal will be drawn up at current rates.

Accepted payment forms include personal checks via mail or all major credit cards through Freshbooks or Paypal.

Next Steps

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Once you accept the proposal, I’ll send you a contract detailing what we’ve agreed upon, written in as little legalese as possible. Then, I will invoice you for the deposit.

Payment must be received before work begins – either in full or one monthly installment.

Of course, if you have questions, please ask!
Either use the form below or send me an email.Here’s hoping we get to work together!