Keep Your Website Safe & Up to Date!

Pssst...Do you look at your website every day?

Probably not. And that’s okay! But you really should be checking in with your site once a month. And if that’s not on your to-do list, you can add it to mine.

Housekeeping is my monthly care plan for WordPress Websites. When your site is on a Housekeeping plan, it’s in safe hands! I keep it up to date, secure, and am available on email to answer questions (almost) any time. 

Housekeeping Plans are $75/mo and are invoiced through Freshbooks. Look at the details below to see the whole list of what’s included in each care plan.

Housekeeping Includes:

Wordpress Updates

Plugin Updates

Spam Removal

Database Cleanup

Malware Scan

Tech Tune-up

What's Included:

Standard plugin/theme licensing. 
Access all the premium tools without buying licenses.

Monthly software updates.
This includes WordPress updates and plugin/theme updates.

24-hour critical software updates. 
Any update needed for critical security or performance reasons will be done within 24 hours of the update being available.

Uptime monitoring. 
Monitoring to know if you site is down so that I can get it back up!

DNS management. 
Any questions you have about DNS, I’ll handle it for you.

Security Monitoring.
Real time to keep your site safe.

Bug fixes & breakages. 
I’m here to fix things that we might have missed or things that go wrong.

Daily backups (local & off-site). 
Daily backups in two separate locations.

Image optimization.
Ongoing image optimization for new uploads so that your site loads fast.

Small Content updates. 
Need yours hours changed? Your bio updated? Send me an email!

30-minute quarterly consulting call. 
Let’s catch up a few times a year so I can solve any problems you have!


Because, believe it or not, all websites, big and small, are targets for being hacked. And once you’re hacked, if you don’t have a clean backup, your site is… poof. Gone. Updates make sure that any loopholes for hackers to get in are updated on the regular and backups make sure that you have something to fall back on in case of a hack.

Sure! Follow these instructions here. And please put it in your calendar – and don’t ignore that reminder! If you don’t feel qualified or just don’t have the time, your website is vulnerable. Let me handle these tech tasks for you.

That’s why I always do a backup first! That way, we never lose anything – we simply go back to the clean install before the hack.

I’ll send you a recurring invoice via Freshbooks to sign up for automatic monthly or yearly payments. Cancel any time through your Freshbooks login. If you cancel, we will keep your backups for 1 month.

Housekeeping Options:

If you make edits on the regular, one of the Housekeeping options below might work well for you.
Each includes standard monthly Houskeeping services, as well as pre-paid editing hours, which normally cost $125/hr. A great value! 

Please note: Hours roll over for 1 month.

Housekeeping Plus

Do you need a quick refresh or small edits every month? This is for you!

Includes Standard Housekeeping and 1 hour of design edits & updates.

Choose from the following, up to 1 hour of work:

  • slider/header image refresh
  • homepage content update
  • bio refresh
  • add new photos
  • sidebar makeover
  • page update
  • small content updates

*normal hourly design rate is $125/hour

Extended Housekeeping

Do you hold events, write blog posts, change schedules or add new employees? But never add them to your website? This plan is for you!

Includes Standard Housekeeping and 2 hours of design edits & updates.

Choose from anything in Housekeeping + or add any of the following, up to 2 hours of work:

  • New employee
  • Blog posting
  • Event listing
  • Promo on home page
  • Schedule change

Sign me up for Housekeeping!

Once I get this form, I'll set you up in Freshbooks and send you a custom link for payment.