for Blessing Hancock

Blessing Hancock is an international sculpture artist, currently focused on large-scale public installations. While she wants to stay in that realm, she also wants to expand into the private sector where the work will come to her. Her current website works just fine, but it could be better – especially for positioning her for expansion into private works.

To that end, I recommend a rebuild in WordPress on Elementor with some light branding. We’ll bring in large scale images with imaginative crops, immersive video, and storytelling where possible, making the work feel as immersive as possible in the digital world. 

The new site will retain the current one’s clean, minimal feel, while bringing style, structure, and even more of a focus on the work. Restructuring pages and adding in light SEO will make it easier for new clients to find her.  We’ll choose an interesting yet clean font for her name and possibly a color a two. Above all, the work will be front and center, with cohesive and consistent design to support it.



Website & Light Branding



  • 3 Brand Concepts with 3 rounds of edits
  • 2 Home Page Concepts
  • 3 Rounds of Site Edits
  • 6-7 Pages (Home, About, Public Work, Private Work, Process, Contact)
  • Mobile-Optimized Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Built on WordPress with Elementor
  • How-to Videos for Editing
  • 6 months Housekeeping ($75/mo)
  • Answers to your questions!
  • Fast and easy communication


  • Add interactive map with locations of all work all over the world!
  • Make projects more connected and easier to navigate – there’s a lot of back and forth right now and it would be nice to be able to move through the works more easily.
  • Keep clean minimal design with a focus on the work
  • Invite private folks/companies to contact Blessing easily and directly


Housekeeping: $75/mo (optional but recommended)

Your site needs to be updated regularly. Some people don’t mind managing this themselves, but others just simply don’t remember or don’t want to. A site that is not updated can be hacked more easily than an updated one, so updates ARE important! But, on top of the time, sometimes when updates are made, it can break parts of the site.

This is where I offer a service called Housekeeping! Once a month I login and update all plugins and WordPress, clean up spam and the database, and fix anything that’s not working. See the full list of what’s included here. With all new sites, 6 months are included free!

Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.


Start Time: Early April

End Time: Early June

The dates above are approximate – we may be able to finish more quickly! Or additions may push the launch date out further

The faster you get back to me, the faster I can turn things around for you.

I also know you’re busy – and things take time. Don’t rush just to be done!


The above pricing is effective through a start date of June 2024.
If a contract is not signed by that time, and you would still like to work with me, another proposal will be drawn up at current rates.

Accepted payment forms include personal checks via mail or all major credit cards through Freshbooks or Paypal.

Next Steps

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Payment must be received before work begins – either in full or one monthly installment.

Of course, if you have questions, please ask!
Either use the form below or send me an email. Here’s hoping we get to work together!