for the Ohainle Lab

The Ohainle Lab needs either a website update or a new website.

The new lab opens in Berkeley this July. And while Molly has built a good enough for now website, she’d like to upgrade it and add a little professionalism to it.


Website Update



  • Stay on Squarespace
  • Redesigned Homepage (2 options to choose from) to work with new logo
  • Updates to all 7 pages to reflect new design from Homepage
  • Answers to your questions!
  • Fast and easy communication

New Website



  • 2 Concepts to choose from 
  • 3 Rounds of Edits
  • 7-8 Pages Designed
  • Mobile-Optimized Design
  • Basic SEO
  • Built on WordPress with Elementor
  • How-to Videos for Editing
  • 6 months Housekeeping
    (normally $29/mo)
  • Answers to your questions!
  • Fast and easy communication
Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.


Website UPDATE: start and finish late June

NEW Website: Start late June, finish in July.

The faster you get back to me, the faster I can turn things around for you. But! I also know you’re busy – and things take time. Don’t rush just to be done!

WordPress or Squarespace? Which Website Platform Should I Use?

Choosing a platform for your website might seem overwhelming – there are a lot more than just two options these days. So how do you choose? By asking yourself a few questions, of course!

  1. Will your site have specialized content or interactivity needs, now or in the future?
  2. Do you care if you own 100% of your website, 100% of the time?
  3. Are you into DIY updates or would you love someone else to handle that task for you?
  4. Does SEO matter to you and would you like control for implementing it?
  5. Do you have stellar photographs OR simple, text based content?
  6. DIY or Hire a Professional?

Below, let’s explore each of those in a little more detail.

1. Tech Tools – If you answered YES, my site will have special needs now or in the future, go with WordPress. WordPress is open source (more on that next!) and has hundreds of thousands of plugins that can be installed to build a site that can do just about anything you can dream of. Of course, those plugins come with some extra work – see Updates below.

If you answered NO, Squarespace might be a good option for you. It has a lot of built-in tools and some addons that can extend flexibility.

2. Ownership – WordPress is Open Source, which means that no one owns the code and anyone can edit it. As such, it is always being updated to comply with the latest best practices. When you build a WordPress website, you own every bit of the site – you can always download it, take it with you, and host it somewhere else.

With Squarespace, you own your content, but not the site itself. It cannot be downloaded and moved, as it always needs the Squarespace software to be viewed.

3. Updates – If you want really easy content updates and no web maintenance, Squarespace is a great choice. WordPress has editors that make it really easy to edit content, but the websites still need plugin and core updates at least once a month. I offer Housekeeping to take care of that for you.

4. SEO – If you want granular control over your SEO, choose WordPress. If basic SEO will do it for you, Squarespace is just fine.

5. Content – Go check out Squarespace’s templates. They are modern and fun and flexible, but really take a look at what sets them apart from each other: the photographs. If you don’t have clear, crisp, professional level photographs, choose WordPress, not Squarespace. And if simple modernity is not your thing, also choose WordPress. Squarespace’s templates can be adapted, but it takes an expert to do it easily.

6. DIY or Hire – More questions! Are you good with computers? Do you like figuring out new software?

Next Steps

To accept the proposal, please select the payment option that works best for you.

Once you accept the proposal, I’ll send you a contract detailing what we’ve agreed upon, written in as little legalese as possible. Then, I will invoice you for the deposit.

Payment must be received before work begins – either in full or one monthly installment.

Of course, if you have questions, please ask! Either below or via email works great for me. Here’s hoping we get to work together!