for Janice Levitt, Mosaic Artist

After a life-long practice of art, Janice Levitt has settled into her medium: mosaics. She’s in need of a custom-designed website to showcase and sell her original works.


Custom Artist Website

$3000 or
3 payments of $1000


  • Compressed Timeline and Launch
  • 2 Concepts
  • 3 Rounds of Edits
  • 5 Static Pages (Home, About, Gallery, Contact, FAQs)
  • Shop page with Collections
  • Simple Branding though Font/Color Palette Selection
  • Business Card Design
  • Mobile-Optimized Design
  • How-to Videos for Editing
  • Answers to your questions!
  • Fast and easy communication

Which Platform?

Squarespace or WordPress

Which Platform Should We Build On? I think that you’ll enjoy working with Squarespace the most. The only issue I forsee there is that we will be limited somewhat in what we can do design-wise. There are just some things we cannot do! Including, perhaps, that fabulous “enter” screen like on the one on the Elias website you sent (it was available on the old Squarespace, but not on the new). In my research, while you wouldn’t duplicate collections, you can easily add to existing ones or add whole new collections in the shop.

Your monthly costs will be higher with WordPress (Hosting – $15 & Housekeeping $29). For comparison, Squarespace would be $33-36/mo. The WordPress editing environment is more similar to LiveEdit, so that might be more intutive to you. But, I think you might like the simplicity of Squarespace after all the noise of LiveEdit.

My recommendation is to start with Squarespace and then if we run into any big deal breakers as far as design limitations, move over to WordPress. 

Here’s a short video of what the editors look like: https://www.loom.com/share/ab5e4d95f4304afe81b45b2ad2d1ac2a

Design Ideas

Other Sites for Inspiration

Rachel Davies Mosaics – I love the look of this site and it’s definitely built on Squarespace. I like this direction, but I would like to switch it up a bit so that it doesn’t look too similar! For instance, maybe we center your name, and add some more white space. Maybe go with a color for the text – not wild! Just not black.

Lisa Elias – I also really like what they call a cover page. It is no longer available in the new Squarespace, but we might be able to do something like it.

Samantha Keely Smith – How do you feel about the left-side navigation? It lends itself very well to square images, and it looks like you crop to that size a lot for instagram already. 

Phillipe Calloux – do you have a distinct signature? We could use that as your “logo” text for your name… I always like going this route, as it feels very personal.

Adam Halls – I love the muted background here, that sets it apart from white websites. I like the short intro at the top (say what you do!) and then the gallery on the home page. Do you?

As for what else I’m thinking: I’d like to incorporate some sort of pattern that mimics some of rhythm of your work that adds a small design element to site and your business cards without overpowering your art, as well as choose an accent color. 

Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.


Begin homework asap.
Design Homepage next Monday/Tuesday.
Build website while Janice is in the Arctic!
Edits when she returns.
Launch early September, if at all possible.

This is a HIGHLY compressed timeline.
But as long as we keep communication open, I think we can do it successfully!


The above pricing is effective through a start date of December 2022.
If a contract is not signed by that time, and you would still like to work with me, another proposal will be drawn up at current rates.

Accepted payment forms include personal checks via mail or all major credit cards through Freshbooks or Paypal.

Next Steps

Would you like to work with me?
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To accept the proposal, please select the payment option below that works best for you.

Once you accept the proposal, I’ll send you a contract detailing what we’ve agreed upon, written in as little legalese as possible. Then, I will invoice you for the deposit.

Payment must be received before work begins – either in full or one monthly installment.

Of course, if you have questions, please ask!
Either use the form below or send me an email.Here’s hoping we get to work together!